We have a team of mobile vets and nurses who will VISIT YOUR PET IN YOUR HOME. We only charge £10 for the visit (plus NORMAL consulting and treatment fees) which represents extremely good value.

Just like at the practice, you can be assured of the same friendly, high-quality service in the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME, but BACKED UP BY A FULL-SERVICE VETERINARY PRACTICE for anything that cannot be done at home.

Less Stress More Convenience

Less stress for your pet: no traveling stress, no fear of the surgery
More time for you: no time spent traveling to and from the surgery; no time spent waiting for your appointment
Quality veterinary consultations at your home or workplace: less stress for you
Peace of mind of a full-service veterinary practice and facilities should your pet need it

Mobile Vet Services We Can Provide at Home

Bringing care to your home

1. Vaccinations: including puppy and kitten vaccinations
2. Consultations for sick or injured pets
3. Dispensing of medications including worm and flea products
4. End of life care including euthanasia
5. Microchipping
6. Medical treatments: injections, tablets, drops, etc
7. Blood testing
8. Taking tissue samples for further testing (where general anaesthesia is not needed)
9. Wound care and Bandaging
10. Behavioural advice

Terms and Conditions

a. The mobile service does not include emergency out of hours’ services
b. Although we strive to provide as much care as possible at home, there will be times and circumstances where care is better provided at our main surgery.
c. The home visit fee of £10 applies only to within 5 miles of Hampton Park Vets, Ringwood Vets and Downton Vets.
d. Home visits will only be possible at designated times.