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Signs Your Cat Has a UTI

A urinary tract infection`, or a UTI, can be painful to your cat. It also can spread to other parts of the body, including the kidneys, and may lead to serious illness or infection if not properly treated. As such, you want to be aware of what the signs are and bring your cat to a vet right away if you suspect they have a UTI or any other problem with their urinary tract system.

Here are a few of the signs that your cat may have a UTI.

Your Cat Cannot Urinate

One of the signs that a cat has a UTI is the urge to go frequently. However, to you, it may look like that the cat cannot go. They may squat in their box over and over trying to go and only push out a small amount of urine, or none at all. If you notice this symptom, there is a good chance that your cat has a UTI.

Crying When Trying to Use the Litter Box

Another symptom associated with a urinary tract infection is pain. It can be painful when your cat is trying to urinate. As such, you may hear them cry or make other strange howling noises when they are in the litter box trying to go. This howling or crying noise is a direct response to the pain and discomfort they are feeling. Do not leave your cat in pain. Have them checked out by a vet quickly and timely.

Constantly Licking Around Their Urinary Opening

If your cat has a UTI, they may frequently bath or lick around their urinary tract opening. They are trying to clean the affected area as much as they possibly can because they know something is not right. You know what is normal and what is abnormal for your cat. If you notice your cat constantly bathing around this area, and it is not normal for them, something may be amiss with the cat.

Peeing Out of the Litter Box

The last sign of a UTI in a cat is peeing out of the litter box. Your cat may pee beside the litter box or may pee somewhere else completely, like their bed, your carpet or your laundry. If your cat is litter box trained and has no accidents, and then suddenly they begin to pee in various spots throughout your home, you need to evaluate why. If you have brought in another cat, that may be why. However, if there are no stressors in their life, they may be peeing outside of their litter box to get your attention and let you know they need veterinarian care for a urinary tract infection.

If you suspect your cat has a urinary tract infection, you will want to bring him or her in to a vet to be treated promptly. If you are in the Salisbury, Laverstock, Ford, Winterslow, Porton, Amesbury, Wilton, Odstock, Harnham, Old Sarum, Downton, Woodfalls, Redlynch, Fordingbridge and surrounding areas, Hamptom Park Vets can help. We are a veterinary service specializing in dogs, cats and other small pets. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your animal.