Laser, Platelet-Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapies

Laser uses light to favour and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes.
Pain management:By controlling chemicals released from cells during inflammation, laser therapy is an EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO PAINKILLERS with STRONG ANALGESIC AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECTS. It can be used for a wide range of clinical conditions from arthritis and muscle damage to skin conditions like inflamed ears.

Wound Healing: Laser therapy INCREASES THE SPEED OF WOUND HEALING by controlling specific blood hormone and protein levels. It can be used to speed the healing rate in chronic ulcers and skin wounds.
With its PAIN MANAGEMENT and WOUND HEALING properties it is routinely used by our practice after surgeries, such as neutering and other more invasive procedures, as an effective alternative or addition to traditional painkillers. IT DRAMATICALLY REDUCES PAIN AND INFLAMMATION.

No Side Effects: Many clients prefer the use of laser therapy compared to NSAID medication, e.g. Meloxidyl®, as there are NO SIDE EFFECTS and the anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits are quickly seen. This is especially important when pets need to be on long-term painkillers for conditions such as arthritis. Laser therapy is SAFE and compatible with other pain-relieving treatments.

Platelets are found in blood and promote clotting. Platelets contain a variety of growth factors that enhance wound healing and induce tissue regeneration. Examples include: platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor-beta and basic fibroblast growth factor.

Platelet therapy involves taking a small volume of your pet's own blood, concentrating the platelets, white blood cells (some of which are stem cells), and their associated growth factors, for use as a cell therapy.

The resulting platelet growth factors are then re-injected into the joint (or tissue). Platelet rich plasma is clinically proven to reduce pain, speed up recovery and improve lameness in dogs. Improvements can last up to a year from 1 to 2 injections (depending upon case severity). It is minimally invasive and is often a same-day procedure that is usually pain-free. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments (i.e. pain killers and joint supplements) as recommended by your vet.

Stem cells are cells in the body that can change into or become other kinds of cells. Fat tissue contains many adult stem cells. Stem cell therapy involves harvesting stem cells from the pet's own fat tissue, activating them and injecting them directly into the damaged area or joint. In the case of arthritis, stem cells become cartilage cells.

We can see improvement after about 21 days. The treatment can provide 1-3 years of relief after the first treatment. This treatment can be very costly and only a few specialist practices can carry out treatments.