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The pet health club – best for your pet, and your pocket!

As pet owners we want the very best for our animals, but there is no NHS for pets which is why we think joining the pet health club is an excellent choice. The pet health club includes so many benefits whilst keeping your pet’s preventative healthcare up-to-date. In this blog we will look at what the plan involves, and why it can really help save money.


Autumnal Pets

Well, autumn is well and truly with us now – the autumn storms are raging as we’re huddled around the laptop writing! However, storms aside, autumn brings its own hazards and pet health concerns – so in this blog, we’re going to talk about a few of them, and how we can help keep our pets healthy as the weather gets colder and the nights draw in.


The benefits of neutering – greater than the risks?

We’re seeing more and more material on the internet at the moment, suggesting that “neutering is bad for dogs’ health”. Increasingly, people are opting out of neutering their dogs – and even, to a lesser extent, cats and rabbits – on the grounds that it is “bad for them” in some way. Well, in this blog we’re going to take a look at the evidence, to explain why we still recommend neutering in most cases!