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The pet health club – best for your pet, and your pocket!

As pet owners we want the very best for our animals, but there is no NHS for pets which is why we think joining the pet health club is an excellent choice. The pet health club includes so many benefits whilst keeping your pet’s preventative healthcare up-to-date. In this blog we will look at what the plan involves, and why it can really help save money.

But isn’t it just pet insurance with another name?

No, the pet health plan is completely different. Pet insurance covers things such as emergencies and unforeseen problems, such as broken bones. This can become very expensive, so we would always recommend pet insurance. Where the pet health plan differs is that it helps look after the conditions that can be prevented (hence the term preventative healthcare).

The old cliche prevention is better than cure is absolutely spot on when it comes to pets, of course problems are easier to treat if they are found early, but we aim to prevent certain problems arising in the first place.

An example is flea treatment – it is much easier and financially better to treat with a regular flea product, than to treat a secondary skin infection and possible fur loss caused by flea bites and scratching!

So what are the benefits of joining the plan?

The pet health plan covers regular things such as:

  • Vaccinations – to protect your pet against potentially life-threatening diseases.
    • For dogs we vaccinate against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis and kennel cough.
    • For cats we vaccinate against feline leukaemia, enteritis, herpes and feline influenza.
  • Parasite control – to keep fleas, ticks and worms from making your pet’s life (and yours) a misery.
    • Fleas are the most common cause of itching in pets, so prevention is the best policy. We can also advise on treating your home, as around 95% of fleas can hide in the environment, so treating for the complete life-cycle is important.
    • Ticks are horrible bloodsucking parasites that can spread serious conditions such as Lyme Disease.
    • Worms – all types of worms can cause problems for your pets, roundworms can mean diarrhoea and weight loss, tapeworms can cause weight loss and itchy bottoms! Lungworm in dogs is very serious and can sadly be fatal.
  • Six monthly health checkups – to make sure your pet is as fit as they can be, and to pick up any underlying health problems.
  • For pets on the puppy and kitten plans there is discounted neutering as members of the pet health club.

The plans are also much easier for budgeting as they are set up as a monthly payment – we even give you convenient reminders of when to give your pets their preventative treatments, such as flea and worming products.

Each plan is tailored to your pet and their weight – senior pets will also receive an annual wellness profile, which is a blood test that can tell us how well their body is coping in their senior years. It will indicate to us if any changes to diet, prescribed medication, or supplements may be needed.

Are there any other benefits?

By being a member of the pet health club you will also be entitled to discounts on other products, for example pet food that is bought at the practice.

So how do I join the pet health plan?

Joining is very straightforward, you just need to call into one of our practices and fill in a simple application form, which will include all the details of the agreement and the plan you’re signing up to. You will just need to bring along your bank details when joining the pet health plan.

So to help keep your pet in tip-top condition and for your peace of mind, the Pet Health Club is an excellent service. Keeping your pet’s preventative healthcare complete, while enjoying the benefits. Call into the practice today and start saving!

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