HPV vaccine amnesty offer v2

If your pets vaccinations have lapsed, we will get you back on track with a better than half price offer!

We will restart your vaccinations for £30!

(Normally £63.30 for dogs and £71.95 for cats)

This offer is running for the month of March only, so

Or call us on 01722 416 245

Or live chat with one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses who can book for you

Your pet is most important to us and Preventative medicine is preferable and less costly than treatment should your beloved cat or dog fall unwell.

We understand that there can be a variety of reasons not all pets’ vaccinations are kept up-to-date, so we are dedicated to helping pet owners keep their furry family healthy – and that’s why we’re offering a vaccine amnesty scheme for the month of March...

Why should I vaccinate my pet?

Immunity is the body’s natural ability to fight infection. Vaccination confers immunity by exposing the body to a small but entirely harmless dose of the disease in question. Vaccinations are the simple and effective way to prevent against these diseases. A primary course followed by regular booster vaccinations is vital to protect your pet against these diseases. Over time, immunity to disease may gradually fade, leaving your pet at risk. An annual visit to your vet will allow for a general health check and for any necessary boosters to be given. You can find out more about vaccinations here