Wellness and preventative care

Preventative Care (and Early Detection)

PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE involves changing the focus of healthcare from treating SICKNESS to promoting and maintaining GOOD HEALTH. Preventative care occurs before your pet becomes ill, or you notice any symptoms, and the goal is to prevent or delay the onset of illness and disease.

EARLY DETECTION involves screening patients to uncover problems that are not obvious to pet owners or not detectable on a physical examination.

PREVENTATIVE and EARLY DETECTION HEALTHCARE involves a variety of services including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite (flea and worm) control
  • 6-monthly physical examinations
  • Screening laboratory tests
  • Nutritional and weight management advice

When preventative care is used, and illnesses are caught early enough, we can avoid and better control health problems in our pets. Early detection allows for early management of illnesses - this often results in:

  • A better prognosis
  • Less pain and distress
  • Lower treatment costs

Allowing our pets to live HEALTHIER, HAPPIER & LONGER LIVES.


Vaccinations are essential to provide protection against serious and sometimes fatal diseases for your pet.

Fleas and worming

Providing you with effective treatments to protect you, your pet and your home against parasites.

Pet passports

If you plan to travel with your pet, we can provide pet passports and complete travel certificates if required.

Home Visits

We have a team of mobile vets and nurses who can visit your pet in your home.


The placement of a small, rice-grain size microchip implanted under the skin gives permanent form of identification should your pet ever goes missing.


The removal of you pets reproductive glands. Neutered pets have fewer disease, fight less, have cancer less and live longer.


Detecting dental disease in early stages means it can be addressed before extractions are necessary and prevent from disease affecting other major organs.